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Are young people aware of their options?

There is a current buzz about the importance of skills and education for young people, particularly career options and alternative routes into industry. It’s tough for young people these days and I don’t envy the challenges that they face. So as a LEP, we are totally behind endorsing and promoting all the options available so that we can continue to help as many of our young people entering the work force each year as possible, to find a route to employment.

We recently launched the Enterprise Adviser Network (a scheme connecting schools and colleges to businesses). It was an inspiring event at the National Space Centre (appropriate for a ‘launch’?!). Guest speakers, Rt Hon Nicky Morgan and CEO of the Careers & Enterprise Company, Claudia Harris introduced how this network will match schools and colleges across Leicester and Leicestershire with local successful business leaders who together, will form a strategic plan for young people to develop important industry skills to prepare them for the world of work. I’m proud to say the LLEP is leading the way with this initiative.

Shortly after the launch event, the Government conducted a week long campaign called #GetInGoFar, promoting Apprenticeships. We supported this campaign. In fact, we are continually trying to raise the profile of Apprenticeships through a number of ways including events such as our  ‘Higher Apprenticeships (HA)’ event at DeMontfort Hall last year. I bet not many realise that this qualification is actually equivalent to a bachelors degree!

Speaking of a bachelors degree, traditionally, university students celebrate their achievements with a graduation. This is a day to remember with your cap and gown, receiving your degree, surrounded by family and friends; it’s a big celebration that you’ve completed university! But, what about the students who are on Apprenticeships and Traineeships?

Well, I was amazed to find out in Leicester there are graduation ceremonies for just that!

The Leicester Apprenticeship Hub is holding its second annual graduation event for Leicester and Leicestershire apprentices who have gained their advanced or higher apprenticeship qualifications this year.

An excellent idea which recognises Apprenticeships are a reason to celebrate too!

So overall, the skills landcape is changing. We  recognise this and are carrying out a new Skills for the Future Study right now to understand the future skills needs of Leicester and Leicestershire.  It is therefore critically important that the skills needed to deliver the current and future investments across the county are met by the providers of skills at all levels.  Now is the time to act to make sure businesses in the county have their say in the plans that are being developed. Look out for the workshops in June!
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